Energy Hub Management System

Along with our core Energy Management Information Systems that we offer to industrial, institutional, and commercial clients as a way of managing their energy use, we are working very closely with the University of Waterloo, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Ontario Power Authority, Hydro One, and Milton Hydro to create the Energy Hub Management System (EHMS).

The EHMS is a web-based platform that connects all of your appliances and energy-consuming circuits in your house, and provides visibility into the cost and impact of operating these devices.  On top of the, EHMS has a complex scheduling system in place that aggregates a series of profiles that describe your energy preferences (lowest cost, lowest carbon footprint, etc.) and automatically schedules your appliances to operate only during times that fit your profile.

This portion of the “smart grid”, the consumer side, is vital to the longevity of our electricity infrastructure.  Much of our electricity wires, plants, and towers are 70 years old, and we must begin to replace these power lines soon.  But at the same time, to take the pressure off these line, we must lower consumption.  The EHMS gives insight into which appliances are consuming the most power, and the cost of running these appliances.  Giving consumers real dollar amounts will encourage behaviour change, and encourage conservation.

For more information on the Energy Hub Management System, check out  There is also more information in the 3 min video below.