ISO 50001 Energy Management

During the summer, Canada, along with 42 other countries, participated in developing the first global standard for Energy Management Systems: ISO 50001.  ISO 50001 is a voluntary, internationally accepted framework for the management of energy for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.  It has laid out a clear path to the efficient management of energy by requiring organizations to:

  • Conduct an energy review
  • Establish an energy baseline
  • Develop energy objectives and targets that are measurable and set timelines for achievement
  • Implement the action plan
  • Check performance
  • Monitor, document and report

ISO 50001 is based on the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” framework for continual improvement:

PLAN – Establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with opportunities to improve energy performance and policies

DO – Implement the process

CHECK – Monitor and measure processes and product against policies, objectives and key operations characteristics, then report on the results

ACT –  Take actions to continually improve energy performance

Leger Marketing conducted a survey on behalf of CSA to better understand what Canadian Executives thought about energy management.  The survey found that “79 per cent of Canadian executives believe that energy efficiency is a
key component to business success,” said Bonnie Rose, President, CSA
Standards. “And although the bottom line is not the only measure of
success, the implementation of ISO 50001 will help businesses move
forward in achieving their environmental goals by reducing their energy
consumption and carbon footprint, while also recognizing the cost
savings associated with reduced energy consumption.”

In that same survey, it found that 20% of executes believed that they would gain a competitive advantage by declaring their commitment to reducing energy consumption or improving environmental performance.

ISO 50001 is designed to help guide businesses to properly implement and monitor a successful energy management strategy.  How important is Energy in your business?  Do you budget energy as a manageable expense?

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